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Monks Risborough CE Primary School

Year 6 STEM Week

This morning, Louis Witney's mum came to talk to us about her job at Ercol, a furniture making company in HIgh Wycombe. She had organised lots of fun activities for us to do. We were split into four teams, High Vis 1+2 and Goggles 1+2. In our groups, we had to make a chair, guess the dates of when they were made, guess how much a colourful chair was (£1200! that was really unexpected!) and organise a historical timeline. After everyone had finished those activities, we played guess the answer. That was so much fun. Finally, we tallied up the points to see who won (dum, dum, dum...) HIgh Vis won, which was really great.  HIgh Vises' got 163 points whereas Goggles got 143 points. Not that much between them. Everyone who won was given a shiny gold medal to celebrate their success.