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3. Forces

Our lead subject is Science for this half term we will be looking at the science behind forces and magnets.


We will be exploring such vocabulary as push, pull, gravity, friction, attract, repel and of course the amazing world of magnets.


To support our learning we will be looking at the book Rosie Revere - Engineer by Andrew Beaty illustrated by David Roberts.



Week 1/2


This has seen class 3 learning about engineering.  Inspired by our books Rosie Revere Engineer, the children have created bridges.  The lesson was so successful and interesting the office administration team asked for the photographs to be placed on the front of the school website, please have a look.  You will see how amazing their constructions were.



The children have been exploring how toys work.  What force is needed to make a toy car move? How do you construct a toy windmill and make it work?  What force do you need to make a yoyo move?  Why does the force in the yoyo create electricity?

Exploring in science

Weeks 2-6


Science has continued to our main theme this term.  We have looked at forces and experimented with magnets to see what metals are magnetic.


During DT we have produced some amazing moving monsters.


I hope you like the selection of photographs our our exciting term.

In mathematics the children have been learning about multiplication and division and the mathematical relationship between them - the inverse operation.  We can now carry out formal methods of calculation in all four calculation operations:  addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  We have focused on our tables this term, with the help of popular music artist - I believe many children are now singing this at home too!  This focus will continue, even though we have moved to a different topic of length and perimeter.

English has also been a huge focus this term.  With the children learning about the grammatical structure of sentence.  At the end of the term all children retold the story of Rosie Revere, using their own language and choice of sentences.  I will be putting some examples of this amazing work on this page soon.