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Monks Risborough CE Primary School

Spring Term

We had the most incredible Great Fire of London day, led by History Off the Page! We imagined we had travelled back in time to 2nd September 1666, and as the day went by, so did the days, and eventually we looked at how far the fire had travelled after four days and four nights. We had the opportunity to be an apprentice at a number of shops - we learned how to sew, how to be a doctor, how to make a candle, how to use a quill and write in lettering using ink we made ourselves. We even made bread like Thomas Farriner! What an incredible day. Thank you to our generous Parent helpers for making the day perfect!
We created our own rafts by weaving special wire between sticks that we collected and measured all by ourselves! We also looked at different Pirate flags and created our own design by painting onto material and sewing it to our mast.