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Home Learning - W/C 16th March


Hi Falcons,

Here is our learning for this week:



We are learning how to multiply fractions! Have a look at this website which will help you to understand how to do this:

I have uploaded different resources for you to try to do!

English - Persuasive writing. We have been writing a persuasive letter to Calshot. We have thought carefully about areas that we would want to improve (though we know there are not many!) We have planned our writing, thinking about the persuasive devices -see the planning sheet. We are currently drafting our letters and then we will be editing them and publishing them. You could write a persuasive letter to anyone or a company. I have uploaded an example letter that we looked at, at the end of last week to help you. 


Guided Reading 

I have attached the Giant's Necklace for you to carry on reading. We have read up to page 16. I have attached some questions for you to answer too. 


We have learnt about how different coastal features are made. Watch this video 

And look at this website  -

Can you show how caves, arches, stacks and stumps are formed? Think about drawing a diagram and writing a sentence to go with each picture. If you are feeling creative think about how else you can represent this?


We learnt about the job of the lungs in our body. Please can you label the diagram uploaded and research the job that lungs do and write a short explanation. 


We have started to design our beach huts. Here is the design brief:

To design and make a beach hut that would be found on the Calshot spit. It must be waterproof to protect from the English weather and any high tides. It should be sturdy enough to survive strong winds. It needs to be big enough to fit two figures inside it.

The figure is a small toy man measuring 2 and half cm wide and 4 cm tall. 

Please research what different beach huts look like. Think about how we will make these. Draw a labelled diagram including measurements and materials. The beach hut should be approximated between 15-20cm tall. 


We have been exploring why Jesus sacrificed himself on Good Friday. Can you research and find out why he did, and what Christians believe about his sacrifice and write a short explanation. 

"Year 5 used their programming skills to create animated rainforest games for the Year 3's to play. They all had great fun!"

Hi Falcons, 


Sorry that the school is not open today on my first day back. I have planned a little work to keep you busy. 

Maths - Column addition and subtraction

English/History - Lindisfarne reading comprehension

English/History - Lindisfarne newspaper report

History/Art - Viking symbols


Hopefully see you all Wednesday.


Miss Jeffery