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A Toy Story

Our topic for Spring 1 is 'A Toy Story'.


Our lead subject is history for this topic and we will be learning all about toys from the past. We will be aiming to be able to use secondary sources to sort toys into the past and present, compare them to the toys we play with now and say what we like and don't like about them. In another part of our learning we will be making a moving picture to share with some younger children.


We are aiming to answer the question ' Were families in the past more generous than we are now?' by the end of our learning journey this half term. 


We will be studying books throughout the topic and you might like to buy these for your children. They are ...

History Off The Page - Toys Day!


On Tuesday 25th January Wrens class were lucky enough to have a special day all about the History of Toys. The children began the day by exploring a toy museum where they could play with loads of toys from the past. After this they became Archaeologists and dug around to find different objects in the soil. The children had to decide if the object was a toy, what it was made from and how they would be able to play with it. The children discovered that a toy can be anything that you can play with safely! 


During the afternoon the children were then able to have a go at making their own toys! They were taught how to make a puppet, a cup and ball, a hook a fish game, a peg doll, a spinning top and a flip book!


The children didn't want the day to end - it was incredibly fun! Since then, the children have written thank you letters to our visitor to say how much they enjoyed the day!