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The Big City

Week 4 - STEM Week - Rube Goldberg Machines: Can we build a machine that will water a plant?

Weeks 1-3


We have loved reading 'Katie in London' as a way to explore The Big City this term. We've followed the characters around the city and learnt about many London landmarks. We've pretended to be Katie and written about what we've seen, making sure our sentences have capital letters, finger spaces and full stops, using 'red word' mats to spell words that we can't sound out with our Fred Talk, and even joining sentences together with the word 'and!'


In Maths we revisited place value, but took on the challenge of working with numbers up to 100. We practised counting forwards and backwards, finding one more and one less, and comparing numbers.


In Science we are turning out attention to the season of Summer and its weather patterns, comparing to the other seasons we have learnt about this year. We are very much looking forward to STEM Week where we can apply lots of our 'working scientifically skills' that we have been developing over the year!


Our PSHE unit this term focuses around 'Changing Me,' where we think about how we change as we grow. We think about what we could do as babies, toddlers, and now as children, before thinking about what we might be able to do as teenagers and adults. This will help to prepare us for our transition day in the Year 2 classroom later in the term.