'A learning community, encouraging success, celebrating achievement, strengthened by God'
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Monks Risborough CE Primary School

School Worship

Collective Worship 

Monks enjoys strong links with the local church and our RE teaching follows the Diocesan scheme of work from the Oxford Diocesan Trust.
We believe that RE develops in pupils a sense of community and belonging. It helps the children to grow, share, understand and respectfully challenge, and be challenged by, people of different lifestyles, beliefs and practices.


The whole school joins together each day after lunch for collective worship.  The school currently, joins in a virtual worship focusing on one of our school values, led by Miss Robinson. This value is then followed up in lesson time as children think about how they can reflect this value in their behaviour. Our subsequent worships for the week follow this school value too. 

Children's Prayers

The following prayers have been written by our school children during our daily worship time:

Autumn Term 2

Christian Value: Thankfulness

The focus of our worship today was St.Martin

Dear God,
Thank you for Children in Need who have helped save hundreds of people.  Help us to raise money for other children suffering from pain.  We wish to help those who are less fortunate than ourselves.  Children in Need reminded us that just £1.00 can change a child's life.

Dear Lord,
Help us to be thankful for our food, family, friends and school.


Dear Lord,
Be thankful for your family, friends and God for helping you for your whole life.