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Welcome to Red Kites!


Welcome to Class 2 - the Red Kites! On this page you will find information about the fantastic learning that is taking place and is due to take place. It will be a very exciting year ahead - I know I am really excited!


Please take the time to explore our class page where you will find our topic webs, letters and our curriculum overview in addition to some fabulous websites to aid your child's learning. 


Miss Gehnich

See below the home learning documents for each subject this week.

English - we have been looking at Vlad and the Great Fire of London. If possible, download this book as an e-book for your child to view if you cannot get a copy. This will also be useful for Guided Reading. 

Have a go at watching a video of fire burning and use the senses plan to write down all the different adjectives and adverbs you can use to describe the flickering flames!

Then see if using these amazing words you can create a diary entry for Boxton during the fire, starting from him falling asleep to waking up as Vlad bites him on the head!

English Home Learning Documents - Week beginning 16.3.20

Phonics - Please use this Phase 6 journal to help revise and revisit the spelling rules we have learned since the start of Year 2. 

Phonics Home Learning Documents - Week beginning 16.3.20

Maths - We have been looking at finding three quarters! Start with the lady bird challenge, using the steps to success to help you. Remember the denonimator tells us how many equal groups/parts and the numerator tells us the amount that we want! Use this to then help you solve the challenge of halving and halving again to find a quarter, then adding them together 3 times to make 3 quarters! There are some word problems too that look at finding fractions of amounts. Good luck.
Guided Reading - We have been using Vlad and the Great Fire of London as our class text. As explained above, if possible please download this to use. I have shared how I would teach it, some comprehension questions and a text that the children can use if they cannot access the book electronically.

Science - Our topic has been materials this half term, and this week we have been looking at Natural and Man-made materials and how we know the difference. Natural is something that comes from nature, either animals, plants or the Earth. Man-made means its been made by humans. Sort the materials into each part of the table.

Here are some interesting videos on how different materials are made:

We also worked out the difference between cotton and cotton candy. Here is how cotton candy is made!

Science Home Learning Documents - Week beginning 16.3.20

Topic - We have been absolutely in love with our Great Fire of London topic. Please see our Learning Log activity and see if the children can sing this amazing song...

Topic Home Learning Documents - Week beginning 16.3.20