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4. Ancient Greece

Our lead subject is History for our Ancient Greek topic this half term, where we study significance of the Ancient Greeks who were thinkers, warriors, writers, actors, athletes, artists, architects and politicians and how the great legacies have influenced how we live in society today. We are aiming to answer the question 'Were the Ancient Greeks respectful?' by the end of our learning journey. 


We will be studying and listening to the following books throughout our learning. You may like to buy them to have a copy of your own but please don't read them until we have looked at them in school first... we don't want you to ruin any surprises!

Books we are studying and reading as a whole class.


In English this term our focus has been on learning about the structure of a Greek Myth.  Next, the children created a myth of their own and at the end of term we read our stories to Year 2.  Please find below an example of a Greek Myth writtne by one of the Year 3 pupils. 


We continued our journey into fractions, where the understanding and knowledge has been amazing.  Towards the end of the term we have looked at mass and capacity and we will be continuing this journey next term.