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Let It Grow!

Our lead subject is Science for our 'Let It Grow!' topic this half term, where we study the structure of plants as well we discovering what they need to stay healthy. We are aiming to answer the question 'Who perserveres more, the plant or the gardener ' by the end of our learning journey. 


You may like to buy the books we are studying throughout this topic to read in class. These are ...

Week 1 and 2

We have been so excited by our new book! The children have loved making predictions about what is going to happen to the boy in the story. We have written a diary entry pretending to be 'Tomas' hiding a dragon fruit in our bedroom and watching it hatch into a baby dragon! Lots of us decided that it would be really cool to keep as a pet but perhaps a little dangerous! 


In Science we have set up a whole class experiment to discover what plants need to be healthy. We have planted 5 pots and are changing different factors to their growth. One has no water, one with no soil, one with no light and one in the wrong temperature. We are going to be looking after them for the whole half term to see what things a plant will need and what it doesn't need. 


We have also been creating some brilliant digital picture in Computing based on different styles of art. So far we have looked at impressionism and pointilism. 

Our Trip to the Maidenhead Synagogue


On the morning of Tuesday 13th June, Year 2 took a coach on a adventure to the Jewish place of worship - a synagogue. We were really excited for our trip and even though the coach was very hot we were still having a nice time. 


Darrel met us from the coach and invited us inside. We went to look at some Jewish Artefacts and we had so many questions! Then we carried on into the Prayer Room. We could wear a kippah if we wanted to. Darrel spoke to us about how Jews celebrate in a synagogue and even allowed us to try on a prayer shawl. Then we opened the Ark and saw the beautiful Torahs. They were written in Hebrew so they were too tricky to read! 


After that we learnt about the Jewish celebration of Shabbat. We got to help to lay the table and find out more about some of the artefacts we had seen. Then we went back into the main room and were very generously given some juice and a biscuit. 


We got on the coach back to school, just in time for lunch! We had a great time and learnt lots of new things about the religion of Judaism and their place of worship.