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Monks Risborough CE Primary School

Autumn 1 - How can we be a good friend?

This term we will be settling in to school and learning what it takes to be a good friend.

Our learning each week is based around a book which follows the theme of the half termly topic.

This term the books will be:

First 2 days and Week 1: Harry and the dinosaurs go to school

Weeks 2: Where the wild things are

Week 3and 4: The Little Red Hen (Harvest)

Week 5: Elmer

Week 6: Kippers birthday




Set 1 RWI sounds we will learn:

Week 1 - m a s d t

Week 2 - i n p g o

Week 3 - c k ck u 

Week 4 - b r e l h

Week 5 - f j v y w 

Week 6 - z x q qu

Week 7 - sh th ch



Little red hen

Baking bread and self portraits

Maths - sorting into groups - same and different

Where the wild things are

Harry and the dinosaurs go to school

Learning how to make friends in our first week at school