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Summer 1 - Life Cycles

Welcome to Summer 1!


This term we will be looking at life cycles in mammals, birds, insects, amphibians and plants! There will be lots of first hand opportunities for us to develop our knowledge.


Our English this term will all be based around the book 'Charlotte's Web'! I know lots of children have seen the film and are very excited to start reading it!


Dissecting Daffodils!

We started off our topic for this half term by dissecting daffodils and identifying the key parts. We discovered that we could recognise and explain the function of the stem and petals from our learning last year, so we increased our understanding and explored the stigma, ovule, anther and filament. These are the parts of the plant which help create seeds and pollen to reproduce! We were so busy (and having lots of fun) dissecting our daffodils that Miss Dawes forgot to take pictures of us working, so here are some finished dissected daffodils instead!


Outside Art

As part of our art unit, we spent an afternoon outside drawing the objects we could see in nature! Luckily the weather held out for us! Some children chose to draw close-ups of flowers and leaves, whilst others sketched larger trees. It was a very enjoyable and relaxing afternoon. We will be using these sketches to help inspire our designs for our repeated pattern, lino-style printing!