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Fire Engine Visit!

On Friday 10th March, Mr Thomas very kindly brought the fire engine to school with his friend Felix. We got to have a very detailed tour of the fire engine looking at all the different equipment that is has. We found out that a fire engine has 3 different sizes of hose to put out a range of fires. A fire engine also has 3 different sized ladders - one of them can even reach above the school! We were very lucky and we go to sit inside the back of the fire engine where the 'workers' sit - only 'the boss' and 'the driver' are allowed in the front. 


We also got to use the hose with Felix and squirt the tree and the field as if it was on fire. It was really powerful and went really far. Miss Dell also got to put on the firefighters clothing and helmet. She said that is was very hot and also very heavy. It is important that they wear this to keep them safe when doing such a dangerous job.