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Monks Risborough CE Primary School

Autumn 2 - The Vikings

Welcome to the second half of the Autumn Term!


This term we will be studying the Vikings as our main history topic, and using the book Beowulf by Micheal Morpurgo to support our learning.  We will be creating diary entries and instructions in English, as well as writing our own heroic legend! To help children get a strong feel of what it was like to be a Viking, we have organised a Viking Day on Tuesday 1st December. Please see Parent Mail for more information! 


In Science, we will be investigating electricity and circuits, in particular looking at how switches can affect the workings of circuits. This will lead into our DT for the term, where the children will design and create an electrical Christmas decoration. 


In maths, we will be looking at statistics such as pictograms, bar graphs and line graphs as well as beginning our development of multiplication skills! By Christmas, children will be able to tell you all about factors, multiples, prime factors, square numbers and cube numbers! 

A small moment of fame....!


We were lucky enough to record an Advert Calendar song for Red Kites Radio! Follow the link below and listen to us under door number 7!

As part of our Viking topic and home learning, some children chose to make Viking longboats, shields and Viking style jewellery!

We used our Scientific knowledge of circuits to analyse, design, create and evaluate a 3D light up Christmas Decoration!

As part of our Viking day, we created our own birth certificates with our Viking names, towns and family and all the Viking meanings!