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Monks Risborough CE Primary School

Outdoor learning

Weeks 5-7

The weather has been much darker and colder these last few weeks but this hasn't stopped us getting outside for our learning! We loved going outside in Maths, learning how to use a number line. This helped us remember to "jump off" a number when we were learning how to subtract!

Weeks 3-4

It has been amazing to use our senses outdoors these past few weeks. The best bit was going to Whiteleaf, our local physical feature, and looking at all the human features that surround our local area. We used our senses to help us understand our environment - the mud was so squelchy, the leaves were crunchy and the air felt so fresh and cold! Thank you to our amazing families who came to join us on the senses stroll.

Weeks 1-2

We love going outside everyday during our Funky Fingers time! This time helps us to get our hands ready to write and enables us to practise letter formation, learning how to write different letters in their handwriting families. We've been focusing on the around letters and have learned to remember our 'secret c' first when writing o, g, d, q and a. We went outside in Science to look at how the change in season has impacted our natural environment. We know that November is in Autumn from our song, the 4 Seasons Song, and we got to feel the days getting cooler, hear the crunchy leaves that have fallen off the trees and see the days get shorter.