'A school family where everyone thrives in every way.' Jesus said, ‘I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.’ John 10:10
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Monks Risborough CE Primary School



As a result we have a community of enthusiastic scientists who enjoy showcasing their enquiry skills and knowledge of the world around them. They are confident to challenge the, and love to discuss and share their ideas.



Pupils are assessed formally throughout the year, through teacher marking and feedback. Most often, this is verbal to enable pupils to move forward during a lesson. Summative assessments are made approximately half way through each scheme of work and recorded formally, highlighting the objectives that the children have achieved in books and on the school tracking system. The subject leader monitors these at three points in the year to ensure that they are accurate and monitor the subject. These assessments are completed practically, using the TAPS from the Primary Science Teaching Trust, to identify both their enquiry skills and knowledge. At the beginning of every new unit children complete a KWL grid where they share their knowledge of the topic before it is taught. This is then completed again at the end of the unit to show a progression in knowledge and skills. Children in Year 6 undergo national statutory assessments towards the end of the academic year and Year 2 children are assessed against the Interim Assessment Framework by teachers. At the end of each academic year, summative assessments throughout the year will be reviewed to record a judgement against the expectation for the child’s age. This will be informed by the objectives that the child is ‘working toward; or has ‘achieved’ throughout the year. Children in EYFS are assessed through objectives linked to ‘Understanding the World’ strand (People and Communities, The World and Technology). At the end of the academic year, children will be assessed as emerging, expected or exceeding the strand.