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Great Fire of London Day

History Off The Page - Great Fire of London Day!


On Tuesday 14th March, a fabulous company called History Off The Page came into school to deliver an interactive, hands-on learning day to Kites Class all about the Great Fire of London. The children were able to show off all of their amazing knowledge about the famous historical event but also were taught a lot! 


The morning began with the children becoming craftsmen and women from 1666. They were able to make their own candles, make a clay mould for a pewter button, do some weaving, fix their ailments with some herbal medicine bags, make some bread, decorate a leather bookmark using a nail and hammer and finally make their own charcoal ink, using it to write with a quill. The morning was jam-packed with all of these brilliant activities that they children were thrilled to be completing. 


In the afternoon the class learnt more about the devastation of the fire. They were asked to come archaeologists and dig through the remains of the houses to find which craftsmen had lived there. The children were also given the buried treasure of that individual to confirm their findings. 


Finally the day ended with the children studying a large map of London from 1666 to plot out where the fire started and how far it spread. It was so lovely to see the beaming smiles on the children's faces after such a brilliant day. They loved it!