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Monks Risborough CE Primary School

Indoor learning

Weeks 1 and 2


It has been a very busy two weeks.




The children have been learning how to make their writing more interesting and have been introduced to:

* paragraphs

* being more descriptive with their sentences (adjectives)

* understanding how to create expanded noun phrases

* exploring verbs

* ensuring their writing contains the correct punctuation (commas)

* Exploring inverted commas and using them correctly in speech


Their focus has resulted in some excellent character descriptions of the boy, from our book - The First Drawing by Mordicai Gerstein.  Moving forward with our learning, we are looking at Diary entries.




Maths (also see outdoor learning)


The children have been enjoying gaining further knowledge on the subject of Place Value.  Following the mastery approach to mathematics, the children are learning the importance of 1,10s and 100s and have been exploring and increasing their skills acquired in key stage one.




Inspired by our book, we have been exploring how Stone Age man would have created art.  We have used different pieces of equipment including sticks, leaves, feathers and the appropriate paints.


The results are amazing, the children will be able to show you some of these when you visit our classroom for Book Look.




The children's knowledge of the Stone Age is increasing as we continue to explore the lives and experiences of this period of history.  During our lessons, the children learnt about the different types of animals that would have been wandering around on earth and were surprised to see they were not all woolly mammoths!