'A school family where everyone thrives in every way.' Jesus said, ‘I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.’ John 10:10
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Welcome to Falcons Class! 


This is the place to find out all about this academic year in Falcons. We have an exciting range of topics to learn and some really interesting, fun activities planned! 


Who are We? 

This year, we are very fortunate to have a number of staff supporting in Falcons, to help us grow and achieve our full potential. 

Miss Goodright is the main class teacher in Falcons, Mrs Naish, Mrs De, Mr Walsh and Mr Munir are also supporting. Mrs Trott will be leading lessons when Miss Goodright has PPA on a Thursday morning. 



Meet the Teacher Powerpoint

This Week's Learning in Falcons (w.c. 25th September) 


What a fun-packed, learning-filled week we have had already! Monday was full with more rounding enormous numbers to a million, Bike-ability for some members of the class and lots of fabulous grammar activities and games for those us of who didn't attend the cycling training. On Tuesday the whole school enjoyed European Day of Languages, during which we got to learn Spanish phrases, understand more about Portugal and its culture, learn the days of the week in Arabic and the colours in German. Mr Walsh even taught us how to write in Korean! 

Photos from w.c. 25th September

This Week's Learning in Falcons! (w.c. 18th Sept) 


This week we have enjoyed a busy time in class (and outside class!) We continued our maths work on place value and extended our knowledge of rounding to much larger numbers - 1 million! 

In English we have continued our drafts and planning for our setting description, using photographs as a stimulus. Falcons enjoyed choosing powerful adjectives and used thesaurus to create pictures in the readers' heads. 

In music this week, we enjoyed composition work - attempting to create sounds to represent different lessons. These were filmed and will hopefully be available to view soon (see below). 

In French this week, Miss G brought in French breakfast items and taught us to express our preference for breakfast foods. Perhaps you could test the children's knowledge of vocabulary at home! smiley

This Week's Learning (w.c. 11th September) 


This week Falcons enjoyed further place value lessons in maths and demonstrated their brilliant understanding! Staff were all very impressed with their focus and determination to order very tricky numbers up to a million! 

In English this week, Falcons continued to read Charlotte's Web and made well educated suggestions as to how the story may end. No spoilers please, parents/carers! smiley

In swimming this week, the children were able to showcase all that they had remembered from last term, and in some cases, were able to demonstrate new skills that they had practised and developed during the summer holidays. 

In science, the children showed developing understanding of how plants reproduce, and in doing so, tackling some very tricky scientific vocabulary! 


This Week's Learning in Falcons! (w.c. 4th September) 


We returned to school with vigour and enthusiasm and have enjoyed two very busy days packed with learning and fun. The children appear refreshed and keen and Falcons staff are suitably impressed. Today, we enjoyed our 'hook' lesson in English. We started reading 'Charlotte's Web' and created our own webs collaboratively on the field. It was an excellent opportunity for the children to practise and demonstrate their ability to work as a team. See above for some of our creations!