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Amazing Africa

Our lead subject is Geography for our Amazing Africa topic this half term, where we study the continent of Africa and more specifically the country of Kenya. We are aiming to answer the question 'Are we more generous the less we have?' by the end of our learning journey. 


We will be studying the following books throughout our learning. You may like to buy them to have a copy of your own but please don't read them until we have looked at them in school first... we don't want you to ruin any surprises!

Our Trip to Whipsnade Zoo!

We had a fabulous day at Whipsnade Zoo! The children were able to explore the zoo in groups to observe some African animals. We were able to see how the zoo has imitated some of their habitat and supported their living providing a rich diet and exercise for the animals. We had a great talk about meerkats, lions and zebras. We spoke about the camouflaged fur of the meerkats to keep them safe and how zebras use their black and white skin to confuse the lions! We had a close encounter with a lion when it came up to the glass and high fived a member of our class! 


One thing that we did find out was how large the zoo was!! We walked very far and we were so tired that some of us slept on a coach on the way back to school!