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Exciting News

When we finished our book of Pig Heart Boy, we got in touch with Malorie Blackman and asked her some questions about Pig Heart Boy. We had over 25 questions which we wanted to ask her but narrowed it down to three.

1. Where did you get the inspiration to write Pig Heart Boy from?

I was inspired by a newspaper article I read where the doctor being interviewed stated that we’d have to start using animal organs because of the shortage of human donors.


2. How long did it take you to write Pig Heart Boy? How many drafts did you need to do?

Pig Heart Boy took me about 9 – 10 months to write, after about 6 weeks of intense research. As I remember there were at least five or six distinct drafts. Writing the first draft is the fun part. Rewriting and editing is where the hard work happens.


3. Is Alex a boy or a girl?

What’s the consensus in your class? Maybe one day I’ll write a sequel to Pig Heart Boy and we’ll all find out!


We voted and we think Alex is a boy!


Thank you for the fantastic story and for answering our questions, Malorie Blackman!