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Gurdwara Trip

Today Year 6 went to the Gurdwara to learn about Sikhism.  When we arrived we went into a little building in front of the Gurdwara.  First, we listened to Nirmal who told us a little bit about how to behave and what to do in the temple.  Everyone has to cover their heads with turban or a mini headscarf, which he taught us how to tie it round our heads.  There was flag outside which was yellow which was high, but the one on the Golden Temple in India was four times as high!  When you go into the building you must take off your shoes for respect, you must wash your hands as well.  We learnt about the 5K’s – Kara a round silver bracelet – resembles God’s life he lives on forever, and if you wear it you are cuffed to God.  Khanga – a comb shape, a semi-circle usually made of wood this symbol to make your life not messy and scrambled up.  Kirpan – a sword - this symbol is to remind you to protect people if they are going to be harmed.  Kachera – white pants – keep yourself clean and tidy.  Kesh – turban – this symbolises that God gave you hair and you must keep it in good condition and not cut it.  You cannot enter the temple if you have been drinking and must not have cigarettes with you.  For lunch you are not allowed to have meat, egg or fish, in the temple they provide food for you which is vegetarian.   Sikhism you must pray to the words in the scriptures, we gave a coin as an offering to Guru Nanak.  We went to have a look around the whole of the Gurdwara including the kitchens.

Towards the end of the visit Nirmal showed us how a turban was placed on the head of Tabasum.

It was very interesting to learn about a religion we knew little about.

By Ollie & Alice D