'A school family where everyone thrives in every way.' Jesus said, ‘I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.’ John 10:10
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Monks Risborough CE Primary School

Indoor learning

Weeks 1-3

Over the past few weeks, we have loved learning through our key text The Gruffalo. We have been retelling the story as well as writing lists and labelling plans for Gruffalo traps, using our phonics knowledge.


In Maths, we have been sorting and comparing objects in order to establish a strong foundation from which our number work can build.


Our Science focus has been on animals including humans. We were so excited to meet Mrs Male's guinea pigs!


Both PSHE and RE are centring around ourselves and what makes everyone special.


In Geography, we have been learning all about where we live, which has included some exploration of maps.

Week 4

In English, we have been sequencing and captioning the story of The Gruffalo, practising using finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.


In Maths we have progressed to counting forwards and backwards in sequence as well as practising counting with one-to-one correspondence (saying one number for each item). We have also explored matching and comparing groups (same, more, fewer, less).


We learned what a 'parable' is in our RE lesson this week and loved thinking about The Lost Sheep. We made some of our own sheep and shepherds so that we could tell the story ourselves!

Week 5 & 6

We have had two brilliant weeks of learning this week! We started an amazing new book called Meerkat Mail - we even met Sunny the meerkat! We have written a list of things Sunny would pack in his suitcase (can you see what we might have written?) and even practised singing our days of the week song. Please listen to our favourite one... Days of the week song!

In maths we finished our place value topic and loved learning about greater than, less than and equal to. We are great at making the symbols with our arms.

In science we identified and classified animals by their diet or animal type. We also finished making our houses that we designed in DT.