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Healthy Bodies

Our lead subject is Science for our 'Healthy Mind, Healthy Body' topic this half term, where we study the importance of keeping both our bodies and minds healthy through diet, exercise and hygiene. We are aiming to answer the question 'Why is it important to love yourself and be thankful for who you are?' by the end of our learning journey. 


You may like to buy the books we are studying throughout this topic to read in class. These are ...

Weeks 1 - 3


Our half term started with Arts week! We looked at artists with disabilities - we discovered how hard it is to make art when you are visually impaired. We found it tricky to make poppies out of clay because we couldn't see the shape of our petals and we couldn't work out how to attached the pieces together. We had a go at some choral singing as well as drawing while listening to music - we were able to draw whatever the music reminded us of and use colours to show how it made us feel. 


As a whole school project we all made a treehouse! We were given sticks, a pot filled with soil and then were left to create the treehouse on our own. Everyone was really successful.


Have a look at the Arts pages under 'Curriculum' to see some photos of our work!


We have begun our new topic all about Healthy Bodies and Healthy Minds. Our learning started with a hunt for the walking stick of a man called Herbert. We had to create an accurate lost poster to help look for it. We didn't have the correct information at first but when we knew what it's characteristics were, we could improve our writing..... good news, it's been found!


We have also been writing some questions to ask the older generation about how they have kept themselves healthy for so many years! We have then included these questions in letters which we are about to send to the resident of a local care home and then hopefully they will become our pen pals. 


Very excitingly, we have also started rehearsals for our nativity!