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Year 4 Visit to Verulamium

On Tuesday 4th June we went to the Verulamium Museum in St Albans.  We got on the coach with our partners, ready for a 45 minute drive to the town of St Albans.  The class started our visit by going up a hill and past an ancient Roman wall to the Hypocaust.  Inside the Hypocaust, there was ruin of an old Roman house but the walls were gone and there was a HUGE hole in the corner.  The floors were beautiful (they were mosaics.)  Then, the class walked across the field next to the Hypocaust and we found the London Gate, the gate that the Romans used to let people in and out of St Albans.  We found London Gate very interesting (or what is left of the gate!)

A few minutes after we got to the London Gate it was snack time so we all walked back done the hill and sat near the playground (on our coats) and had a snack and talked to our friends.

After that we got to play in the playground!  My favourite part was where you cling onto a circle and it spins you round (it was a dizzy 10 minutes!) Next we had our lunch a Whole hour early!  I think it was the pigeons lunch too! (they wanted our food!!!)

Later, we went into the actual museum and did a handling Roman artefacts workshop (Did you know that Romans used a sponge on a stick to wipe their bottoms?!) (I didn't!)

Finally, we did a self guided tour of the museum in our groups ( Did you know that Romans used to through pebbles at their dogs when they stepped on their newly-made bricks?)  Then we got on the coach to go back to school.

By Freya Year 4