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Year 2 Visit to Maidenhead Synagogue

Year 2 Visit to the Maidenhead Synagogue

First when we arrived we met Sara who was going to take us round the Synagogue.  We saw the Star of David made of wood which represents the Jewish people who visit there. Then we went inside to the Grand Hall where lots of things happen like celebrations and meals dancing and singing.  Next we went to the Prayer room and saw the eternal light and the ark which was beautiful and made of wood and metal.  Inside the ark we saw the Torah Scroll which can be as long as a football pitch.  The Torah Scroll is like a history book which can take a year to write.  When Jewish people read they read from right to left.  We also saw a Lego model of the second Synagogue in Jerusalem.  We also were able to touch the Yard which is used to touch the Torah Scroll as you can’t touch it with your hands.  After this we had some squash and a cookie.  We loved our morning and it was very interesting.

By Justine & Alice Year 2