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Energise 2023

We started practicing around February for Energise.  This year’s story was about giraffes and zebras not being friends because of their different patterns and colours.  One of the people who worked for Energise came to teach us a dance to the song ‘Take a look at you’. There were a lot of other songs we had to learn for the other schools taking part to dance to.  The performances were 24th and 25th March in the Wycombe Swan theatre.  We had some practices at the town hall with all the other schools.  Some people were very nervous, whereas others were quite excited, when the curtain went up it was a very shocking moment seeing how many people were there.  Some of the class had speaking parts as zebras, giraffes and meerkats, it was fun to speak in front of so many people. The speaking was very clear and at a good pace. It was a very joyful time and we all enjoyed the performing.

By Jude & Bella