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Calshot Update


Tuesday 11th February 
A little update from the different groups:
Group 1-Leo, Felix, Ethan and Will
So far Calshot has been amazing because we have done lots of cool activities that we have never done before! Also the food is amazing-we can not describe how good it tastes! We are loving hanging out with our friends every day! 
Group 2 -Archie
Today group 2 went on a fantastic orienteering trip! We learnt how to use a compass and how to read maps. After our delicious lunch we went to the hanger to do archery! It was great! Then we had a great time rock climbing! It really has been a great day-a must for us all! 
Group 3
Harry and Harry
Today we have been skiing, rock climbing and shooting. We learnt that you have to check carefully that you have lined up your shot if you want to be accurate. We both really enjoyed shooting as we did well and it was easier that we thought it was going to be! 
Group 4- Ben
Today we went skiing and I really enjoyed it. Though I’ve been before it was brilliant to experience it with my friends! We also did rock climbing today-I loved helping my friends to succeed as the climbed the wall. 
Group 5 -Evelyn
Today was really fun because I love skiing and we got to it today! The team building was also very fun, especially when we all tried to get over the wall! We did it! Our whole team worked really well together! 
Group 6 - Eva
Today we really enjoyed skiing on the dry ski slope because for lots of us it was a new experience. We also enjoyed our team building time on the initiative course-it was surprisingly fun! Every activity we did meant we had to work well together ensuring everyone was involved!