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Year 6 Orienteering at Waddesdon Manor

On Tuesday 6th June my  class and I went to Waddesdon Manor to learn about orienteering and how to do it.  We arrived around 10am and dropped off our bags and were met our instructor, Sarah, and she explained about orienteering, what we were going to do and how to read the map.  In my group was Hashim, Huzaifa, Ellie and Erica, we worked well as a team, with Huzaifa and I finding the first two.  We caught up with another team who were stuck we both decided to go onto the next one.  Erica & Hashim found number eight but then we got stuck on number nine because the map was drawn wrong.  Once we finished the other checkpoints we went back to the hut where Sarah showed us where the two checkpoints we missed were.  In the afternoon we made maps for other groups.  We then swapped maps and then tried to find the ribbons that the other groups had hidden.

by Rory Year 6