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Perfect Parking

Perfect Parking


We understand that parking around school is always a tricky issue: a balance between keeping children safe, finding convenient places to park, respecting local residents and promoting healthy lifestyles.


At Monks Risborough CE Primary we ask parents to:

  • Comply with the Highway Code please see the reverse of this letter
  • Park considerately around driveways and not reverse into them
  • Keep the bottom of Peter’s Lane clear so that children and adults can cross the road safely and cars can turn in and see up the road
  • Keep the zigzags outside school clear
  • Only use the Disabled parking space if they have a valid Blue Badge
  • Not park on double yellow lines at the top of Mill Lane
  • Remember with cars parked on Peters Lane, the cars coming down the hill have priority over the cars going up the hill.
  • Consider walking /biking/scootering to school



Using the Drop-off Zone


The Drop-off Zone is in place in Peters Lane every morning from your drop off slot. Even if the signs aren't in place, please leave a space to allow people to drop off quickly and drive away.

It works more effectively if you drive in from the bottom of Peter’s Lane and leave by going up the hill.

Please drive to the front of the zone so that drivers can slot in easily behind you.  And please do not park in it and talk to other parents!

Thank you to those parents who put out and/or clear away the signs, it is a great help.


If you have any ideas about how we could improve parking around school, please contact the School Office.


Highway Code

Rule 239

Use off-street parking areas, or bays marked out with white lines on the road as parking places, wherever possible. If you have to stop on the roadside:

  • do not park facing against the traffic flow
  • stop as close as you can to the side
  • do not stop too close to a vehicle displaying a Blue Badge: remember, the occupant may need more room to get in or out
  • you MUST switch off the engine, headlights and fog lights
  • you MUST apply the handbrake before leaving the vehicle
  • you MUST ensure you do not hit anyone when you open your door. Check for cyclists or other traffic
  • it is safer for your passengers (especially children) to get out of the vehicle on the side next to the kerb
  • put all valuables out of sight and make sure your vehicle is secure
  • lock your vehicle.

Laws CUR regs 98105 & 107RVLR reg 27 & RTA 1988 sect 42

Rule 243

DO NOT stop or park:

  • near a school entrance
  • anywhere you would prevent access for Emergency Services
  • at or near a bus or tram stop or taxi rank
  • on the approach to a level crossing/tramway crossing
  • opposite or within 10 metres (32 feet) of a junction, except in an authorised parking space
  • near the brow of a hill or hump bridge
  • opposite a traffic island or (if this would cause an obstruction) another parked vehicle
  • where you would force other traffic to enter a tram lane
  • where the kerb has been lowered to help wheelchair users and powered mobility vehicles
  • in front of an entrance to a property
  • on a bend
  • where you would obstruct cyclists’ use of cycle facilities

except when forced to do so by stationary traffic.

Law GL(GP)A sect 15